Research: Rural & urban communities in Missouri lack places to walk, bicycle | Missouri Dept of Health & Senior Services

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Health in Rural Missouri

Lack of Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity is associated with many negative health conditions including joint pain, depression, cardiac problems, and diabetes, among others.

Somewhat counterintuitively, rural residents report not using walking
trails, parks, playgrounds, or sports fields for physical activity and report a lack of leisure-time physical activity at statistically significantly higher rates than their urban counterparts. While an estimated 63.9 percent of rural residents report not using trails, parks, etc., only 50.9 percent of urban residents report the same, a percentage difference of 25.5 percent. Rural residents also report not participating in leisure-time physical activity during the past 30 days at a higher rate (26.4 percent) than residents of urban counties (22.0 percent).

MoBikeFed comment: See p. 62 of the report for more details, graphs, and charts