Our Opinion: Preserve tranquility of Katy Trail - don't allow ATVs | News Tribune

Headlines are quick hits from media outlets from Missouri and around the world. Follow the headline link for the full story. The source of this headline says:

he legislative sponsor of a bill to allow ATVs on the Katy Trail said “we’re not stepping on anyone’s toes too much,” but the president of a state bicycling and pedestrian group already is feeling the pinch.

In the interest of preserving some havens of tranquility, we align with the bikers and hikers who discourage the prospect of motorized vehicles on the Katy Trail, a former railroad line converted to a linear state park that stretches east to west across the Missouri.

On the spectrum of needed legislation, the proposal by state Rep. Jay Houghton, R-Martinsburg, hardly ranks as essential, but that traditionally has not served as a deterrent.

Houghton’s bill would allow people 55 and older and people with disabilities to use motorized vehicles — ATVs and golf carts — on the Katy Trail on the first and third Wednesday of each month. He says the off-road vehicles would be limited to a speed of 15 miles per hour.