Nevada MO opens new citizen-funded community trail - KOAM TV 7

Headlines are quick hits from media outlets from Missouri and around the world. Follow the headline link for the full story. The source of this headline says:

A little over two years ago, it was brought to the community's attention that Nevada had 9 acres of unused land behind its middle school. The answer for how to fill that space came in the form of a community-wide health initiative.

Nevada community members hosted a ribbon-cutting at the site of their new paved-concrete half-mile trail on Sunday, located behind the middle school.

"Our other schools, K through 5, when students arrive in the morning before school they walk the parking lot or they walk the track or the playground, to get their brains ready for school. Here at Nevada middle school, we don't have that option. The buses go through the parking lot, and there's nowhere to walk. So having 9 acres of unused land, was a perfect place to put a trail so when the kids arrive at 7:20, they can walk and get their brains ready to learn," community coordinator for Healthy Nevada, Karen Marquardt said.

The trail is the only paved one in Nevada, which lends it to use for strollers, bicycles and walkers. Local donations totaling $160,000 paid for the trail.

This Community Trail is one outcome of the Healthy Nevada Project, sponsored by Cerner.

According Robert Johnson of PedNet, the designers of the trail, the complete $160,000 cost of building the trail was raised by local community members.

It goes to show how much communities across Missouri, from the largest to the smallest, want safe places to walk and bicycle in their communities. If Nevada--population 8100--can do it, so can *many* other communities across Missouri.