Petition with over 5000 signatures opposing ATVs on the Katy Trail presented to Missouri legislative leaders

Recently Reid Cranmer, who started an online petition opposing the infamous ATVs on the Katy Trail bill introduced in the Missouri House this year, paid a visit to Jefferson City to present the petition, with over 5000 signatures, to leaders in the Missouri House and Senate.

ATVs on the Katy Trail are a bad idea for so many reasons
ATVs on the Katy Trail are a bad idea for so many reasons

Cranmer, formerly chair of the Missouri Bicycle Racing Association (MOBRA), is a member of the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation Advisory Commission and is planning to run for MoBikeFed Board in August.

Pro-Katy Trail petition presented to key legislative leaders

Cranmer presented the petition to House Speaker Todd Richardson, Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard, and several other key Senators and Representatives, in meeting arranged by the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation.

Cranmer reported that the meetings went well:

There was only one Legislator, from the Cape Girardeau area, who expressed their support for HB 2047. All other lawmakers I met with gave me their support to keep HB 2047 off the floor. I also met with Senators. We want them to keep an eye out for HB 2047 in an amendment process to a SB.

Senators haven't really heard of HB 2047 but Sen. Bob Onder said he would make sure to kill any HB 2047 amendments.

Our fight is not over. Keep sharing the petition. Encourage more people to sign it. It could very well come back next session. Most of the lawmakers I met with said this would be a very powerful tool to use if the bill ever made it to the floor. Thank you for your support.

The bill has strong support from a certain contingent of House members. But, as Cranmer says, we have been successful in educating a large contingent of legislators about the issues related to allowing ATVs on the Katy Trail.  Most members of the House and Senate whose districts include a portion of the Katy Trail understand the importance of the trail and the value it has as a place protect from motorized vehicles.

Reid Cranmer
Reid Cranmer

Today is the last day of the 2016 legislative session--and ATVs on the Katy Trail will be dead at least until 2017

As I write this article today, the Missouri General Assembly is beginning its final day of the 2016 legislative session. Nothing with the General Assembly is for certain until the last gavel of the 2016 session sounds, but right now it looks as thought we have been successful in stopping the Katy Trail ATV bill and the 15 foot bicycle flag bill--for this year.

As Cranmer says, the bills may well be back in 2017.

Many thanks to everyone who contacted their legislators about these issues this year.  It really DOES make a difference.

Protecting and supporting the state's trail network and defending the right of bicyclists to use our state road network are important goals of MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking. Working with the Missouri General Assembly annually to educate them about issues related to bicycling, walking, and trails is an important strategy for reach the goals in our Vision.

Your ongoing membership and generous financial support are absolutely vital as we work to turn our Vision into reality.