MoDOT Chair Stephen Miller steps down and reflects on seven years of lessons learned - The Missouri Times

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Seven years ago, Governor Jay Nixon appointed me to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. It has been a wonderful experience. I will be forever grateful to the Governor (and to the Senate who confirmed me) for the opportunity to work with such a talented group of commissioners and MoDOT professionals in service to my fellow Missourians. . . .

* We must find long-term funding solutions. Ranking 47th in funding for the 7th largest transportation system is unacceptable. Over 640 critical condition bridges and 1400 weight-limited bridges cannot be tolerated. MoDOT is spending down its cash reserves just to try to take care of the current system. There is overwhelming consensus in the state regarding the importance of transportation investment but not the solution. We must abandon any partisanship, ideology or parochialism that holds us back and commit ourselves to the patriotic values of our forbearers.

* We must develop an integrated transportation system. Our highways and bridges form the spine of that system but we cannot be prosperous unless we have a well-integrated system that connects all our modes of transportation: transit, rail, waterways, airports, bike and pedestrian. We must find dedicated funding to secure such a system.

MoBikeFed comment: Steve Miller has truly led MoDOT in a new direction--including, as he mentions, leading MoDOT in the direction of creating an integrated transportation system that includes all transportation modes.

Missouri cannot survive in the 21st Century with an automobile-only transportation system. It is heartening to see MoDOT moving, if slowly, in the right direction.