Katy Trail makes list of 10 Best Car-Free Bike Paths in the USA | Bicycling

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Katy Trail, Missouri

Spanning 225 miles across the state of Missouri, from Clinton to St. Charles, the Katy Trail is one of the longest rail-trails in the country and a great escape for thousands of bikers who ride here every year. For those seeking a taste of the trail, Amtrak charges $10 per bike (reserve in advance with ticket purchase) and will drop two-wheelers near some of the 25 trailheads on the MKT (Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad); there are also numerous inn-to-inn tours available. If you have five days, cross the Katy Trail off your American Bike Adventures Bucket List and join the annual Katy Trail Ride in the summer or plan a self-guided fall trip. Along the flat and winding way, you’ll want to linger in the middle of restored stretches of native prairie, beside limestone bluffs, under dreamy tree tunnels, through wine country, on a stretch of the overlapping Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, and at the many restaurants, lodges, and campsites that made it possible to refuel for the road ahead. At the end of the line in St. Charles, take some time to sip a Missouri Brown Dark Ale on the Trailhead Brewing Company’s outdoor patio.

Info: http://bikekatytrail.com