Missouri Foundation for Health' Healthy Schools Healthy Communities program improves walking, biking, trails around schools

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Healthy Schools Healthy Communities

From introducing healthier foods and more opportunities for physical activity in schools, to improving parks and sidewalks, to building new bike trails — communities are making changes to schools and local environments that will have lasting impact. And HSHC is providing the knowledge, tools, and support to help make it possible.

*Schools as the Hub*

The Healthy Schools Healthy Communities initiative works at the school district level, and school districts in turn reach out to their K-8 schools. Schools conduct wellness assessments and create action plans in order to meet intermediate outcomes and the long-term goal of reducing the incidence of childhood obesity in their districts.

School wellness committee action plans address school foods, physical education/activity, health education, school policy, and family engagement. MFH provides a resource guide of approaches and programs to assist in the development of concrete action steps that may be funded.

Key to these efforts is our support for a school district wellness coordinator, who develops and organizes committees and offers expert technical assistance.

Thirty-three school districts, with a total of nearly 30,000 students, participated in Schools as the Hub for the 2014-2015 school year.

MoBikeFed comment: MFFH's Healthy Schools Healthy Communities program is a an excellent program. We encourage schools and school districts across Missouri to participate.