ALERT: Contact Gov Nixon to oppose complete withholding of Missouri Moves funding for transit, biking, walking

Earlier this year, the Missouri General Assembly created the Missouri Moves fund, the first state transportation funding in modern history to take the total transportation approach to funding by funding transit, bicycling, and walking alongside road and highway projects.

This week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon eliminated the Missouri Moves funding
This week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon eliminated the Missouri Moves funding - the first in modern history to take a total transportation approach to state transportation funding

MoDOT reserved 1/3 of Missouri Moves funding for this type of multi-modal transportation project--and nearly 50% of project applications received were for multi-modal projects.

Recently, Governor Nixon announced that he has withheld the entire amount of Missouri Moves funding--which will completely eliminate the program unless the Governor reverses course and restores some or all of the funding. Full details about the Governor's announcement here.

The Governor needs to hear from you about this decision. He needs to know that Missourians support funding for walking, bicycling, and transit and that it has many benefits for Missouri and Missourians.

Please take a few minutes to speak up and let your voice be heard.

What you can do: Contact Governor Nixon

Contact Governor Nixon here. Consider making these points:

  • State funding for walking and bicycling is important to you
  • You are very disappointed that Governor Nixon has withheld the entire amount of Missouri Moves funding, the first-ever Missouri state funding to provide funding for bicycling and walking projects in our communities, alongside funding for road, highway, transit, and multimodal transportation projects
  • Tell a little bit about why walking, bicycling, and/or public transportation is important to you personally, or share a brief story that shows how important these things are in  your own life
  • Ask Governor Nixon to consider reinstating Missouri Moves funding if the budget situation improves
  • Let him know that we have challenged him to propose a realistic solution to provide needed state funding for walking, bicycling, and transit and to show in a realistic way that he supports these important needs of Missouri citizens

Transportation means a lot more than just highways.  The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation supports a comprehensive solution to state transportation funding that meets the needs of all Missourians.

Bicyclists and pedestrians represent about than 5% of trips taken on Missouri roadways, but: 7.5% of roadway deaths - 15% of roadway injuries – and NO dedicated state transportation funding.


Working towards needed funding for safety and connectivity for Missourians who walk and bicycle is one way we work towards the goals of "Creating a world-class bicycle and pedestrian transportation system" and "Improving safety for all road users" - two of the key goals in MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri.

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