Will Wildwood build a new Olympic-style Velodrome? | Wildwood Velodrome

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What is a Velodrome?

A velodrome is an arena use for track cycling. Typically they consist of two 180 degree circular bends, with steep banks. Think of the high banks of Daytona, but on a smaller scale made for bicycles.

Why do we need a Velodrome in Wildwood?

The addition of a velodrome in Wildwood would draw additional cycling enthusiasts to the area already known as one of the best places to ride in the State of Missouri. Wildwood has a very strong cycling culture with great roads.

How many Velodromes are there in the United States?

There are currently 27 or 28 velodromes in the country.

Does St. Louis need another Velodrome?

You may be thinking, but isn't there a velodrome in Penrose Park (St. Louis)? Yes, there is, but it is in very poor shape due to its age and surface.