Rock Island Trail, a new statewide trail complementing the Katy Trail, needs public support | Sedalia Democrat

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Local cyclist and retired CPA Daniel Pilliard is advocating for the expansion of the Rock Island Trail, a spur to the Katy Trail which crosses through Sedalia. The first 47 miles of the Rock Island Trail, spanning from Pleasant Hill to Windsor, was opened Dec. 10, 2016. The remainder of the trail which includes Ionia, Cole Camp, Stover, Versailles and small towns nearly to Union are in a political limbo as Gov. Eric R. Greitens reconsiders the state’s commitment to the project.

Pilliard, a board member of the Missouri Rock Island Trail, Inc., (MoRIT) noted that the former administration had approved the 144 mile trail for use by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Greitens has placed a hold on the project.

Since 2011, Pilliard has traveled by bicycle across every Continent except Antarctica. Last year he bicycled across India; next year he plans to travel down western Africa. He noted that the Rock Island Trail, would be an internationally recognized loop trail that would draw cyclists for all over the world.

MoBikeFed comment: More information about this issue, and sample messages of support to Governor Greitens, are here: