Bicycle Route 66: Behind the Scenes in Missouri | Adventure Cycling Association

Headlines are quick hits from media outlets from Missouri and around the world. Follow the headline link for the full story. The source of this headline says:

But the select group who had bicycled Route 66 across Missouri knew a secret: The route is almost entirely on beautiful, scenic, low traffic byways. Exactly zero miles are on interstate freeway—unless you get lost. And with Adventure Cycling's beautiful new route maps, you won't be getting lost! Major traffic is channeled onto nearby I-44, which leaves Historic Route 66 for use by a few locals, Route 66 tourists, and now cyclists.

For several years, the St. Louis Chapter of Youth Hostelling International ran an annual Route 66 bicycle tour. Those who participated in it always spoke very highly of the route, the hospitality, the history, and the scenery. Hostelling International ride organizers were kind enough to share their ride route with me, and I was able to share this and other routing ideas with Adventure Cycling when the time came for them to research and develop Bicycle Route 66.

MoBikeFed comment: This is a post we created in 2015, in collaboration with the Adventure Cycling Association, who had recently unveiled their Bicycle Route 66 maps.

It gives a good overview of Bicycle Route 66 in Missouri--a route that, according to Strava Cycling Heatmap data, is at least as popular as the venerable TransAmerica Trail/U.S. Bicycle Route 76 route.

The article is relevant again, because work is currently underway by MoDOT, in collaboration with the Adventure Cycling Association, Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, and numerous local and regional partners, to have Missouri's section of Bicycle Route 66 officially adopted into the U.S. National Bicycle Route System.

That opens the way for erecting wayfinding signs for Bicycle Route 66 across Missouri--similar to those currently in place for USBR 76.

If all goes well, the official recognition of USBR 66 will come in time for the kickoff of BigBAM 2018 in June. BigBAM will follow the Route 66 across Missouri this year.

At least a few wayfinding signs will be put in place soon thereafter--as several local jurisdictions are champing at the bit to erect signs on their sections of the route.

We are still looking for funding for the entire statewide route signage, but hope that will happen within the next year or two.

Stay tuned!