ALERT: MoBikeFed visiting Missouri members of Congress this week at Natl Bike Summit, please contact your own members of Congress in support

Wednesday and Thursday this week I'll be in Washington DC visiting every Missouri congressional office during the National Bike Summit.

Person visits with Missouri members of Congress and their staff members today!
Person visits with Missouri members of Congress and their staff members is some of our most effective advocacy. Thanks to YOU for helping make that possible!

If you follow the news you know there are some huge battles going on in Washington about the future of our transportation system.  So getting toour Missouri members of Congress this week to let them know how important bicycling, walking, and trails are to people like is is very important.

And YOU can help!

Will you take a few minutes to call or email your members of Congress to support our message?

It's easy--just three steps:

1.  Find contact info for your own members of congress (2 Senators and 1 Representative) - see below

2. Email or call (calling is better . . . ) with this message:

Bicycling, walking, and trails are very important to me.

I support the message of the Missouri delegation to the National Bike Summit who will be visiting your office this week--please listen to them carefully!

That's all you NEED to say!  But if you'd like to talk briefly to support some of the issues we'll be raising with our members of Congress this week, here are some bullet points:

  • Please support continued federal funding for bicycling and walking and include bicycling and walking in any new funding programs.  Bicycle and pedestrian projects are very inexpensive and very cost-effective--in many cases SAVING more than they cost. 94% of Midwesterners support maintaining or increasing current federal bike/ped funding.
  • For any infrastructure plan we are supporting these priorities:

    Safety First! -Build multimodal networks -Close networks gaps -Local Control -Build resilient infrastructure -Don't reduce any current multimodal/bike/ped funding
  • Congress is moving forward with a plan to allow driverless vehicles--automated vehicles cannot yet detect bicyclists and pedestrians reliably! We are asking Congress to ensure that safety and continued access to our roads and streets for people who bicycle and walk is a top priority of any bill allowing driverless vehicles to move forward.

3. Pat yourself on the back--when you contact your elected representatives, it really DOES make a difference.

Find contact info for your members of Congress

Everyone in Missouri is represented in Congress by two U.S. Senators and one member of the House


Senator Claire McCaskill (D)
Online contact:
p: 202-224-6154 f: 202-228-6326

Sen. Roy Blunt (R)
Online contact:
p: 202-224-5721 f: 202-224-8149

Missouri Members of the House (or, if you don't live in MIssouri)

Look up contact info for your House member via zip code at this link.

Huge thank you!

Thank you!  Your calls and emails REALLY HELP when we sit down to talk with our Missouri members of Congress and staff.

The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation works with the Missouri General Assembly, Missouri statewide elected officials, Missouri state agencies, and Missouri members of Congress to help make Missouri a better, safer place for everyone to walk, bicycle, and use trails and to help turn our Vision for Bicycling and  Walking in Missouri into a reality.

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