Proposal for fuel tax increase under discussion in Jefferson City, may come to voters in November - KMBC

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Missouri voters could be asked to raise the state’s fuel tax this year. Currently – it’s one of the lowest n America.

At 17 cents per gallon, Missouri has the fourth lowest fuel tax in the nation.

As vehicles get more efficient, the fuel tax, which is Missouri’s main source for road money, becomes less effective.

“We hear from business and economic development experts all the time that the transportation infrastructure is really a key to a vibrant economy,” said Missouri State Representative Kevin Corlew. He led a committee that’s behind the move to raise the state fuel tax.

They’re proposing asking voters to raise it between 10 to 27 cents per gallon. And up to 29 cents for diesel since trucks are harder on the roads.

MoBikeFed comment: Rep. Kevin Corlew has been a leader in the transportation funding issue statewide in Missouri.

He has also been a leader in the effort by MoBikeFed and many of our allies around the state to ensure that Missouri's next round of transportation funding is a comprehensive approach that funds all types of transportation--from highways to rail to public transportation to bicycling and walking.

Along with the fuel tax proposal, Corlew and his allies in the Missouri legislature are also planning to introduce a proposal for regular, dedicated multimodal transportation funding in Missouri.