Ride the Fault Line June 2-8, 2018: 4 States, 6 Days - Midwest Cyclotouring

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Ride the Fault Line

6 day loop tour through Mississippi valley flatlands of 4 states. Farmland vistas, riverboat ferry crossing, earthquake history!


New for 2018!

-New week! Early June promises cooler weather.

-New state-Illinois welcomes you!

-New overnight community-say hello to Cape Girardeau, Missouri!

-New attractions-Shawnee National Forest, Horseshoe Lake wildlife refuge, historic Thebes courthouse, River House winery, Cape Splash water park

-New website-easier to navigate, with more pictures of past tours

As always, the RTFL bicycle tour allows you to:

-Enjoy more than just cycling-embark on a memorable adventure!

-Finish where you began-no long, extra cost bus rides for you! And no scratches or damage for your bike from being hauled in a truck.

-Pedal mostly flat terrain-with just enough hills to keep it interesting!

-Customize your tour with layover days and optional routes to choose.