Jefferson City's bike share program off and rolling, scooters soon to follow | News Tribune

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There were 242 trips during that first week of the bike-share program, and that number increased to 686 bike rides in August. However, since August, that number has been decreasing — 414 rides in September and 206 rides in October, according to data from Spin.

"We went from 90 degrees in September to 40 degrees in October, so the weather may have some effect on the ridership," Schroeder said. "It is getting into the colder months, so I anticipated the ridership to go down a little bit, and then in the spring, we'll see if it goes up."

Varner is currently looking for ways to raise visibility of the bike-share program this winter, such as doing a mayor's bike ride later this month.

The average rides per bicycle per day since the bike-share program launch is 0.27, according to Spin's data. Schroeder said Spin representatives would like to see that number up to one during optimal weather in the spring.

MoBikeFed comment: The Jefferson City bike share program is an interesting experiment that has only become possible with the introduction of dockless bike share systems. Jefferson City would generally be considered to have too small a population and too low population density for a traditional bike share program to succeed.

But the ridership so far with the city's bike share program shows that it has some real potential.

Jefferson City has been doing considerable work the past several years to make the city more bicycle friendly, including adding more miles of bike lanes and bikeways, more miles of trails, a wayfinding system, and promoting bike share and bicycle events.