Karl Staub: What makes Missouri's Katy Trail great | News Tribune

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There are numerous places that I enjoy riding on a regular basis. One of my favorites is Katy Trail State Park. . . . Having ridden the entire length of the trail, it is my opinion the portion from Jefferson City to Rocheport is among the best sections of the Katy.

The experience of riding the Katy changes with the seasons. The fall offers pleasant temperatures and numerous opportunities to enjoy fall colors. In winter, with the trees barren, the cliffs tower above the trail, while the distant hills across the river reveal the impressive size of the Missouri River bottom. In early spring the Hawthorn blossoms (the Missouri state flower), Dogwood (the Missouri state tree) and Redbud trees, along with phlox and other wildflowers, adorn the trail with delicate hues and fresh scents. Summer heat can make the riding more challenging, but morning and evening rides can be very enjoyable. . . .

I consider myself fortunate to live so near to one of the premier rail-to-trail systems in the entire United States. With the Katy Trail directly accessible from Jefferson City, and with so many different ways to have fun along the path, I hope you'll air up your tires and join in.

Wherever you start or end your ride, the Katy is worth the effort.