National Bike Summit 2019: The five principles of a Bike New Deal | League of American Bicyclists

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To us, the best bang for the buck in overhauling our transportation systems would be making them safe, convenient, and accessible for people who walk and bike. The bold idea of a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone, that also welcomes and provides dignity to pedestrians, is one that can eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while addressing the public health crises of 35,000+ traffic deaths each year and chronic diseases associated with physical inactivity. Building better places for people who walk and bike is technologically feasible today and only requires leadership to make it a priority.

In our recent 2018 Benchmarking Report, the League found the U.S. is in the midst of a public health crisis of physical inactivity and deadly roads. The Bike New Deal addresses the urgency to act, and act in a big way to make biking and walking better for everyone.

Here are the five major investments a Bike New Deal should address to mobilize Americans around the goals of a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.

1. Connected, safe, all-ages bicycling networks in our communities

2. Bicycling mega projects like the East Coast Greenway completed in ten years, connecting our communities.

3. Commuter benefits promote active transportation and access to jobs for low-income and unemployed people, rather than higher income individuals at larger corporations parking in dense cities

4. The US is a leader again on vehicle and road safety standards

5. By 8th grade every child in the US has received bicycling education on a bicycle

MoBikeFed comment: These are some of the top messages we will be taking to Congress at the 2019 National Bike Summit in early March.