Senator & Representative Propose Endowment Fund for Rock Island Trail State Park (Capitol Day Apr 23rd!) | KRMS

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A Missouri senator representing the Lake Area is sponsoring a bill which, if signed into law, would create the Rock Island Trail State Park Endowment Fund. Mike Bernskoetter, of the 6th district, says the “rails-to-trails” project would span some 200-miles connecting Windsor in the west to Beaufort in the east, potentially spurring a flurry of economic growth for locations along the trail.

MoBikeFed comment: The bills proposing the Rock Island State Park Endowment Fund have been proposed by Senator Mike Bernskoetter and Representative David Wood.

Both of them represent large areas of the proposed 144-mile Rock Island Trail State Park.

Both House and Senate versions of the bills have been heard in committee now, and both have passed out of committee by unanimous votes.

Representatives of the Missouri Rock Island Trail, Inc, the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, and several other supporting organizations testified at the hearings in favor of the bills.

Now it is a race against the calendar to see if the bill can be passed in he remaining few weeks of the legislative session.

These Rock Island Trail bills will be our major issue at our annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Day at the Capitol April 23rd.

Please consider joining us in Jefferson City April 23rd to let our elected leaders know how much citizen support is out there for the Rock Island Trail!

More about the Rock Island Trail and MoRIT, the citizen-led organization working to preserve and develop the trail: