Zero U.S. cities in list of Top 20 world cycling cities--again | Copenhagenize

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2019 Top 20 Cycling Cities:

1. Copenhagen
2. Amsterdam
3. Utrecht
4. Antwerp
5. Strasbourg
6. Bordeaux
7. Oslo
8. Paris
9. Vienna
10. Helsinki
11. Bremen
12. Bogotá
13. Barcelona
14. Ljubljana
15. Berlin
16. Tokyo
17. Taipei
18. Montréal
19. Vancouver
20. Hamburg

MoBikeFed comment: Again this year, no U.S. cities made it into the top 20--and of course, no Missouri cities did.

We don't need to lose hope of ever making improvements--because gradual, steady, ongoing changes in funding and policy are what lead to large-scale change in the end--but it is also worth keeping in mind where we stand in the global scale.

The best cycling cities in Missouri look like average cycling cities across the U.S.

The best U.S. cycling cities look like average cycling cities across the world.

We've made this point with many graphs and charts before:

And even earlier:

That's a problem — and not just a health-related one, said Mikael Colville-Andersen, CEO of Copenhagenize, the consulting and communications company that published the Index.

By failing to embrace cycling culture, American cities are losing out on significant financial benefits, Colville-Andersen told Business Insider. Studies show that every kilometer cycled in Denmark earns the country €.23 (partly because cyclists have been shown to spend more money in local stores), he said.

And even with significant taxation of automobiles, every kilometer driven in Denmark costs the country €.16.