Bicycle and Pedestrian Information Page updated, new MoDOT bike/ped coordinator | Missouri Department of Transportation

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MoDOT works with planning partners to create transportation facilities that work for all users because we value bicycle and pedestrian travel. Accommodating for bicyclists or pedestrians may be as simple as providing a well-designed road that all road users share or as complex as a separate-grade structure, such as a bridge. Developing appropriate facility design for nonmotorists depends on a variety of geometric and operational factors that are inter-related, such as available right-of-way, projected traffic counts and adjacent roadway design speeds.

We strive to integrate nonmotorized travel into the existing system to provide connections where none exist to promote efficiency and to focus on a primary concern—the safety of those who depend on walking or bicycling to reach their destinations.

In March of 1998 the Missouri Highway Commission approved the creation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). The committee members represent constituencies from across Missouri, including various divisions and districts of MoDOT, other state agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments and bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups.

MoBikeFed comment: MoDOT's Bike/Ped Coordinator Ron Effland recently retired. Replacing him is a group of three MoDOT employees, each covering a different area: Planning, engineering design, and ADA compliance.

With the change in staffing for the position, the MoDOT bike/ped information page has been updated and redesigned.

On the page are:

- Road and Route information, including the State Bicycle Maps
- Bicycle and Pedestrian links to main organizations and major trails
- Contact information for MoDOT bike/ped staff