Scouting the Pony Express route - Missouri to California - Jan Bennett

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A few years ago, while looking for a way to ride across the American west on a mostly gravel route, I realized that it would be possible to do so by following the original Pony Express route. I had mapped the route for my own personal ride and had already driven some of it when on our way to Burning Man in previous years. Then I shared the idea with a few people.
After seeing how eyes lit up and people got really excited, I decided that the route really deserved to be made public. That meant that I needed to dedicate quite a bit more time to scouting it. I made two different drives from Dallas, Texas to scout the first half of the route all of the way to Salt Lake City, UT. Since we go to Burning Man every year, and take our time to get there, I was able to scout from Salt Lake City, UT to Carson City, NV by driving or bikepacking the route as well. This only left the Carson City, NV to San Francisco, CA portion.
A lot of time went into researching the route to try and stay as close to the original National Historic trail route as possible. I realized that historical markers dotted the roads and that some original stations still stood. I began marking various points of interest along the route, including campsites and bicycle shops. This was turning into one heck of a project, but I was excited!

MoBikeFed comment: This is an amazing 2220 mile cross-country bikepacking route that starts in St Joseph, Missouri.