Ozark Trail connector hiking trail from Round Spring to Echo Bluff State Park is now finished! - Ozark Trail Association - https://www.ozarktrail.com/

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The trail from Round Spring to Echo Bluff State Park is now finished!

With this final link, an explorer can park at Round Spring, hike about eight miles to Current River State Park, and float down the Current River back to their car! This is beautiful country with an amazing, crystal clear river.

Tribute was paid to the the best group of Volunteers anywhere and the Red Jacket veterans were out in numbers to celebrate this huge accomplishment.

Many of our partners from various agencies, including DNR-MO State Parks, L-A-D Foundation and National Park Service were also on hand to cut the ribbon and were thanked for the support provided to get this new recreational resource completed for all Missourians.

Finally... Dave Tobey of the National Park Service, was recognized for his incredible work and legacy for the region.

MoBikeFed comment: The Ozark Trail Association has done an absolutely stellar job of building and maintaining hundreds of miles of singletrack trail across southern Missouri.

The connection between Echo Bluff State Park and the main part of the Ozark Trail is just another major connection in Missouri's largest connected network of singletrack trail.

The Echo Bluff-Round Spring section connects to the Blair Creek Section of the Ozark Trail. Maps here:


If you are interested in bicycling the Ozark Trail, you should know that many sections of the Ozark Trail are open to mountain biking, but many are not. Carefully check the maps linked above for information.

In addition to the Ozark Trail Association maps linked above, the best resource for now is the Ozark Trail Mountain Bike/Bikepacking System maps we are working with partners across the state to create and refine:



Though still in draft state, those maps show how you can connect mountain bikeable sections of the Ozark Trail with connecting forest & gravel roads to ride most of the way from Cuba Missouri to West Plains on singletrack or gravel road.

That's (checks math) just shy of 300 miles total and it includes about over 210 miles of singletrack, either on the main route or directly connected.

More about the Echo Bluffs connector trail and the many partners involved in that project here: