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Why is the 2050 LRTP a big deal?

We read the draft 2050 LRTP (all 137 pages of it) and were frankly stunned and troubled by how much the LRTP ignores the priorities that community members have repeated over and over.

It also entirely ignores and would work against the transportation goals of multiple existing City plans, including Vision Zero and the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.
What’s included in the 2050 LRTP project list?

Total projects cost: $1.19 billion

78% Roadways & Maintenance
Primarily highways and large, high-speed roads
$62.5 million (20% of total Roadways & Maintenance costs) is for building new, high-speed roads
19% Transit
3% Bicycle/Pedestrian

The 2050 LRTP makes heavy philosophical lip service to walking, biking, and transit, but the plan’s recommended projects would instead work against these forms of transportation by primarily investing in vehicle travel on high-speed roads.

MoBikeFed comment: Local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations like PedNet are the "boots on the ground" following up on important local initiatives like the Columbia area long-range transportation plan.

We hope you are supporting your own local bicycle & pedestrian organization, whichever part of the state you live in!

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KANSAS CITY is also currently updating its 2050 long-range transportation plan.

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