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If you'd like to know about Katy Trail State Park before you go, you can now take a virtual tour of the trail using ArcGIS StoryMap. Developed through a cooperative agreement between the Missouri Geological Survey, a division of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Arizona Geological Survey, this story map increases access to geologic, historic and cultural features of the park:


A story map can create awareness, and maps are an integral part of storytelling. The public can learn about the trail from afar or guide their trip while on the trail. The Katy Trail State Park Story Map helps tell the remarkable story about the park using custom maps that inform and inspire. The statewide geologic map of Missouri is presented as an interactive map that moves along with users as they traverse the trail, providing location coordinates. The story map not only describes the geology along the trail, but also provides information about important minerals and agricultural areas that contribute to the state’s economy and much more.

“The story map is a convenient way to look at the trail in advance and assist with planning your trip,” said Melanie Smith, deputy regional director of the northern region for Missouri State Parks. “It offers Katy riders insight into the unique geological and natural features that can be found along the trail and can be easily overlooked as you’re peddling by.”

The interactive story map will be integrated into Flyover Country, a free mobile app funded by the National Science Foundation that allows users to locate public geoscience information and save the information for use offline. The Katy Trail State Park Story Map is scheduled to be available in Flyover Country in early 2020. Visit online at


MoBikeFed comment: This project has collected some of the most interesting information about places you will visit as you ride the 240-mile Katy Trail and the 47-mile Rock Island Spur.

With the Flyover app on your phone, you can download all the information and photos so that you can access them offline as you are visiting the location on your ride along the trail.

(Most places along the Katy Trail have little or now cell phone access--so it's important to have that offline access.)

Take a look at the web site and app here: