Denver to close several streets to allow for more outdoor activities, social distancing during COVID-19 outbreak - Denver Post

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Portions of several Denver streets will close to vehicles Saturday to allow for pedestrian and bicycle traffic as residents weather the city’s weeks-long stay at home order to combat the spread of coronavirus, city officials said in a release.

“We want to encourage folks to get outdoors to enjoy themselves,” Mayor Michael Hancock said in a video posted on Twitter. “Whether you’re walking, taking a nice jog or a nice bike ride, do us all a favor: Practice physical distancing. It’s extremely important no matter what street or road you’re on; it’s important that we practice those guidelines.”

Additional streets are under consideration and more closures will be listed at soon . . .

Densely populated neighborhoods and those without immediate park or trail access will receive priority.

Emergency vehicles, residents and people carrying out essential activities will still be allowed to drive on the streets.

MoBikeFed comment: Missouri cities, including Kansas City, are also considering closing streets to provide more space for safe walking and bicycling during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Daily outdoor exercise is vital to maintain physical and mental health during the stay-at-home order. But in some areas, parks and trails have become extremely congested. St Louis County was forced to close parks and trails due to crowding.

Opening up miles of streets give citizens space to safely walk, bicycle, run, skate, and scoot while still providing ample room for social distancing.

More Missouri cities should consider this option--particularly those areas that have closed parks and trails due to overcrowding.