Missouri rides, runs, triathlons, outdoor events, please join the Endurance Sports Coalition: working together to strengthen the industry through the COVID 19 crisis

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Join the Endurance Sports Coalition

The endurance & mass participation events industry is joining forces to ask Congress to provide long term relief and support to running, triathlon, OCR, and cycling event organizers.
Endurance sporting events are the heart of the health and fitness industry in the United States, with over 30 million annual participants in over 50,000 events— we drive over $2 Billion in economic impact and sustain over 500,000 jobs. Our events felt the impacts of COVID-19 the earliest, seeing widespread cancellations and postponements, and as bans on mass gatherings may continue for some time to combat the spread of the virus, our industry will see sustained impacts beyond what the recently passed stimulus legislation will support.

Spartan Race, Ironman, Tough Mudder, Rock & Roll Marathon, Running USA, USA Triathlon and imATHLETE / EnMotive have joined together to convene the first ever coalition of endurance sports organizers across disciplines to share in one singular voice— asking Congress to provide critical funding and relief to ensure we can continue to deliver events in the future: benefiting public health, driving economic impact, creating and protecting jobs and bringing people together.

If you’re an endurance event organizer or vendor / service provider who relies heavily on this industry— we want you to join the coalition. Together as one united voice— we can leverage the power of our networks and the passion of our athletes to ensure our voice is heard in Washington.

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