Freudenthal's Center for Parkinson's Disease receives donation of tandem bicycle, giving rides to those suffering from Parkinsons []

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Friday afternoon, Freudenthal's Center for Parkinson's Disease received the ride of a lifetime.

“I put a post on Facebook awhile back saying I would recycle bikes if somebody was going to just throw them in the dumpster, that I would come pick them up and make the best of them,” said Drew Cheever.

Cheever put together a tandem bicycle for Freudenthal's after being contacted by the nonprofit's executive director, Stephanie Stewart, who had been looking to expand the center's exercise classes to include cycling.

Knowing the tandem bike would cost a pretty penny to modify for members with Parkinson's disease, Cheever reached out to Jill Tracey for some help.

“You give things because they help others and you want to do that and that’s how my husband was,” said Jill Tracey.

Tracey, the generous donator, set up a foundation in honor of her husband, an avid cyclist who lived his life helping others. . . .

Now, members fighting Parkinson's disease can push the pedal to the metal. The idea of the tandem bicylce is to put a person with Parkinson's disease in the back, while a person without Parkinson's disease pedals in the front seat.