Joplin area cyclist Larry Jones remembered by friends a decade later | FourStatesHomepage

Headlines are quick hits from media outlets from Missouri and around the world. Follow the headline link for the full story. The source of this headline says:

The death of an area bicyclist is being remembered by friends a decade later.

Ten years ago today, Larry Jones went for a bike ride near his home in Jasper County.

He was training for an upcoming road race when he was struck by a motorist and died.

A white ghost cycle was put up in downtown Joplin later to honor his memory and to remind motorists to watch out for cyclists.

Ruth Sawkins, Victim’s Friend, said, “Just awareness when you see a cyclist that person is important to somebody, that’s somebody’s dad or brother or son, wife or daughter or mother I mean and to see those people as a person and not just an annoyance on the road.”

Although his accident wasn’t in Joplin, Mark Morris says the awareness campaign left it’s mark in the minds of city planners.