Bike shops around the country--and in Missouri--see large surge in sales due to pandemic | FOX2

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We have seen a number of products go flying off the shelves throughout this pandemic. Cleaning products. Hand sanitizer. Toilet paper. Now, bicycles seem to be the new hot commodity.

Wheelhouse Bicycle in Creve Coeur is one of the many bike shops around the country that are seeing a boom in sales. This shop in particular is a full bicycle retail and repair store.

The staff has been working around the clock – 15 to 20-hour workdays every day – to keep up with the high demand.

Nathan Leventhal, owner of Wheelhouse, is a second generation bike store owner. His father owns Bicycle World in Belleville, Illinois and has been in the industry for 50 years. He cant believe the surge he has seen in sales since the pandemic began.

“Fifty years ago, when my dad opened, he never imagined that the bike industry would be this successful and this busy,” said Leventhal. “He says this has been the best year he’s ever had.”

MoBikeFed comment: Across the world we are hearing about cities reconfiguring their streets quickly and taking other measures to make it more convenient and safe to bicycle.

It's interesting that here in the U.S., and in Missouri, we seem to be seeing the same surge in the popularity of bicycling, but little or no accompanying work by cities and agencies to provide more safe places to bicycle.