Public comment needed: City of St Louis Americans with Disabiilties Act plan | City of St Louis

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Approximately 50,000 people living in the City of St. Louis have disabilities. “Disability” refers to a lot of different kinds of impairments that people experience—difficulty seeing, hearing, walking, thinking, learning, managing emotions, and various other human conditions. Leading “ordinary” lives is often hard for people with disabilities. For example, the inability to read a menu, go up steps, or hear directions can make it difficult to order food, visit neighbors, or find a location.

The City of St. Louis cannot solve all those problems. But it can make its facilities and programs more usable—“accessible“—for people with disabilities. It can send water bills in Braille or audio. It can make sidewalks more easily passable. It can provide sign language interpretation at public events. It already does a lot to reduce these problems, but there is more to do.

MoBikeFed comment: The City of St Louis is just starting the planning process to create their ADA transition plan.

They are asking for public input to set priorities for the plan--you can complete the survey online here:

You can find out more about the transition plan here: