Apply to become a Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation Board Member or Advisory Commission Member

Are you ready to take your involvement with bicycling, walking, and trails in Missouri to the next level? Would you like be involved in MoBikeFed as a Board member? Or as a member of our statewide Advisory Commission?

Fill out this application to let us know you are interested.

If you have any questions, contact MoBikeFed President Steve Raper - or Executive Director Brent Hugh - or 816-336-2550.

More information: Board information & current Board members

Your Contact Information
Preferably the phone you will have with you the day of the Expo.
Board responsibilities and meeting attendance typically average about 5 hours per month, attending the 1-hr board meetings, 1-hr committee meetings, reading & responding to emails, etc. Are you able to commit at least 5 hours per month to MoBikeFed?
Are you able to attend Board meetings via web/teleconference, generally on a weekday 12pm-1pm once monthly, and travel to a Board Retreat in August (usually 1st weekend in August, exact annual date & location TBD)?
Are you able to serve as a leader, such as a committee chair or Board officer (Executive Committee)?
Are you able to commit to a 2-year term?
Tell a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in serving on the Board. Do you have a personal interest in walking, bicycling, or trails? Do you walk, hike, ride, run, or bike with any groups?
How are you involved with the walking, bicycling, and trails community? Do you belong to any local, state, or national groups? Do you have a professional connection with walking, bicycling, and trails?
What would you like to accomplish as a board member? Do you have any special skills or abilities you would like to utilize? Areas of interest you would like to concentrate on? Directions or advocacy goals you would like the organization to take? Local, regional, or statewide goals you would like us to work towards?
We are working to ensure that the board is inclusive of all Missourians, including Board members from rural, suburban, and urban areas, communities with low, moderate, and high income levels, men and women, people of color, and people representing places and groups historically underserved for bicycling, walking, and trails. Do you bring any of these or other important viewpoints to the table?