Federal Funding of Missouri Bike/Ped Projects

Please act today to save federal funding of bicycling and walking. The primary source of funding for MIssouri projects is once again on the chopping block.  Great projects like Monett Greenway, Page Avenue Bridge, Bike St. Louis, Heart of America Bridge, Frisco Highline Trail, and sidewalks in dozens of Missouri towns have benefited from the Transportation Enhancements Program.

Transportation Enhancements is the main source of funding for bicycling and walking in Missouri and it is in jeopardy in the US Senate.

Click here to contact Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt.

Missouri Facts:

  • The Transportation Enhancements programs has leveraged $45 million in local funds with more than $100 million in federal funds.
  • T.E. funds have been broadly distributed around Missouri.
  • Grants are competitive and merit-based, they are not earmarks.

View all Missouri Bike/Ped TE projects.

Download spreadsheet to sort/query by county or city.

TE projects by Congressional district (PDF).

Investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure generate more jobs per dollar spent and have an higher R.O.I. than road and highway projects.

  • More labor intenstive than materials intensive.
  • Smaller projects than can be more easily contracted out to small businesses and MBE/WBE.