Jefferson City to connect downtown to new Missouri River bike/ped bridge

The new bicycle and pedestrian path on the MIssouri River bridge at Jefferson City is now under construction--and today Jefferson City and the EPA announced plans to connect downtown Jefferson City to the bridge via a bike/ped path.

According to a Kansas City infoZine story:

“This project will address environmental concerns, green building techniques and help revitalize neighborhoods, spurring economic and social benefits in Missouri’s capital city,” said Karl Brooks, regional administrator. “Plans include a downtown connection of the Katy Trailhead Park to the Missouri River Bridge and development of green building designs to provide greater housing choices. In addition, the project will reconnect the city with its 100 historic buildings through trails, walkways and bike baths that connect to the city’s pedestrian and bike trails.” . . 

Jefferson City and the four other state capital cities were selected from a total of 38 cities that responded to a solicitation of interest by EPA. The Agency will now organize teams of urban planners and landscape architects to provide direct, customized technical assistance as requested by Jefferson City officials. Greening America’s Capitals is not a grant program, but provides direct technical assistance to communities by working with private sector experts and leveraging partnerships, such as with HUD and DOT, to consider implementation options. In addition to helping the selected state capitals build civic pride and a greener future, this assistance will help create models that many other cities can look to in creating their own sustainable designs.

Jefferson City’s primary area of focus is bounded on the west by U.S. Highways 63/54, on the north by the Missouri River, on the south by U.S. Highways 50/63, and by the Capitol Building on the east. Wears Creek and vacant properties within the area provide the greatest opportunity for reconnecting nearby residents in the Southside neighborhood to the riverfront. Wears Creek can serve as an important connection to planned bike and pedestrian greenways in Jefferson City.