MoBikeFed volunteers needed: Newsletter editor, Fundraising committee, Bicycle facilities census

Interested in helping MoBikeFed?  We have three interesting and very helpful volunteer positions open:

MoBikeFed logo
MoBikeFed logo

Newsletter Editor

Edit and produce MoBikeFed's quarterly newsletter.  The newsletter reaches over 10,000 Missouri bicyclists, pedestrians, trails advocates, and decision makers each year.

Fundraising Committee Chair

Do you have experience in nonprofit fund raising, or are you just good at organizing things and keeping other committee members on track with their assignments?  Either way, you'd be perfect for MoBikeFed's Fundraising Committee Chair.

In our recent Board Meeting, the Federation identified this position as one of the most important positions we need to fill to keep the Federation on track and moving forward towards our vision of more, better, and safer bicycling and walking in Missouri.

Missouri Bicycle Facilities Census

In 2008 we did a census of the amount of bicycle lanes, bicycle routes, roads with shoulders, and multi-use trails in Missouri.  

Now we'd like to update those numbers and make it more complete by reaching out to every city and county in the state.

Your job will be to design to simple form or spreadsheet cities and counties can use to respond, then contact cities, counties and agencies and follow up with them to get as many responses as possible, and then summarize the results.

We found the 2008 facilities census to be a powerful tool to measure where we are and encourage more facilities to be built.  The 2011 census will be even more comprehensive and more powerful--if you can help us complete it!

For more information about these positions or to volunteer to help out, email Executive Director Brent Hugh at or call at 816-695-6736.

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