Petition: I oppose the proposed St Charles County Bicycle Ban

Bicycle Ban proposed in St Charles County
Bicycle Ban proposed in St Charles County
St Charles County Commissioners have proposed a ban of bicyclists of several key roads in western St Charles County.

If approved, this will be among the most sweeping bicycle bans in the U.S. We need your help to stop this counterproductive proposal and encourage the County to explore real solutions to the problems they are facing, rather than simply scapegoating bicyclists.

So far we have 3083 signatures.  We would like to have well over 4000 by mid-September when the St Charles County Commission will hold public meetings on the issue.

Signatures from St Charles County residents are especially important--please share this page with anyone you know who lives in St Charles County.  But we welcome signatures from around Missouri, and from elsewhere throughout the world if you oppose the bicycle ban.

Sign the Petition opposing the St Charles County Bicycle Ban

I oppose the proposal by St. Charles County commissioners to ban bicycling on several key roads in the county.

I urge County Commissioners to support bicycling in the county and to work with citizens, bicycle groups, and agencies to find real solutions that will improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists in the county.

Campaign has expiredThis campaign is now expired.

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