Report Unsafe Motorists

Picture the perfect walk, run, or ride on a gorgeous Missouri morning spoiled by a frighteningly close encounter with a motorist who is angry just to see a bicyclist on the road. In the past, many of us were frustrated by our inability to take self-protective action or to incite others to protect us unless we were severely damaged by the encounter.

The Missouri Bicycle Federation offers its members an option that can be very satisfying...Report that safety threat! In an effort to make our state a safer place to walk, run, and bicycle, the Missouri Bicycle Federation (MoBikeFed) has established a program in which the details of the incident are reported to us and a letter will be sent to the offending motorist.

Details of the incident should include: motorist license tag number and description of the incident (time, place, description of vehicle & driver, what happened).

The letter sent to the motorist is accompanied by a summary of the Missouri state statutes and Missouri Driver Guide sections related to bicycling. The summary was compiled by the Missouri Bicycle Federation and may be freely reproduced without copyright restriction. The summary is available for viewing/download in MSWord format and PDF format.

In addition, the offender's name and address will be keep on file in case the unsafe action is repeated and legal action becomes necessary. The names of both the offending motorist and the reporting bicyclist are kept confidential.

This program is open to all MoBikeFed members, including members of affiliated clubs.

Send the details of the incident to:

Hilary Matney
Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation Motorist Contact Program
  • email:
  • mail:
    PO Box 104871
    Jefferson City, MO 65110-4871



This is a dramatic step in the right direction to help make our state a better place to ride!

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