Safe Routes to School grants

Regional Planning Commissions: Integrating bicycling, walking, and trails planning into committees and outreach

As MoDOT works to build support for a proposed $8 billion statewide transportation funding initiative--that will, for the first time, allow state transportation funding to be spent on bicycling, walking, and transit projects--MoBikeFed has worked with organizations across Missouri to evaluate the proposal and its ramifications. 

MoDOT's plan is that the vast majority of the $8 billion dollars will be prioritized and allocated by MoDOT's "Planning Partners" these are Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations(MPOs) across Missouri.

The proposed new funding includes, for the first time, state transportation funding for bicycling, walking transit, ports, airports, and other transportation needs, alongside the traditional Missouri state transportation priorities--roads and bridges.

Making the transition from road and bridge-oriented transportation planning to comprehensive transportation planning involving biking, walking, trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, transit use, and many other uses and factors is going to be a major challenge for many of Missouri's RPCs--who have not dealt with these transportation modes extensively in the past.

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Missouri's Safe Routes to School funding - where are the projects happening? Who are they reaching?

MoDOT's Safe Routes to School program recently announced funding for 13 grants across Missouri totaling $3.4 million.

Where is that funding going? Is it reaching the communities that need it most?

In the 2011 funding round, Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Grants were awarded to these cities, counties, and school districts: Albany, Birch Tree, Bloomfield, Cape Girardeau, Carrollton, Doniphan, Eminence, Hannibal, Holts Summit, Kahoka, Northwoods, Potosi, Russellville, St. James, Marion and Pettis County R-V. More details about the communities and their projects are on the MoDOT web site.

What is MoDOT Safe Routes to School funding used for?

The funding is used to fill in missing sidewalks, crosswalks, trails, bike lanes, safety or warning signs, bike racks, and other infrastructure that helps more students walk to school more often and with greater safety.  A percentage of the funds (10-30%, by federal law) is reserved for programs to encourage and promote bicycling and walking to school and to encourage and teach safe practices.

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St. James: A Safe Routes to School project success story

The St. James Leader-Journal recently covered the city's success in using MoDOT Safe Routes to School and Enhancements grants to improve the health and safety of school students:

“St. James is very, very fortunate. The city just does a great job of writing applications for grants and finding real areas of need,” he said. “And it really comes down to writing a tremendous application. For these grants, you’re competing against schools from across the state.”

At the name suggests, Safe Routes to School grants are awarded to cities or schools that have a real need to make kids’ travel to school safer.

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Missouri bike/ped news roundup: Training, trails, sidewalks, paint, compromise, funding, and harassment

Roundup of recent bicycle, pedestrian, and trail news from around Missouri:


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MoDOT Safe Routes to School Funding: How it works, how to apply (Deadline April 15th!)

The application period for MoDOT's Safe Routes to School program is open through April 15th, 2011, and John Schaefer of MoDOT, coordinator of the program, recently presented a webinar How to Apply for MoDOT Safe Routes to School Funding.  

The webinar, hosted by the Missouri Safe Routes to School Network, covered these topics:

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Activities Report: Statewide Safe Routes to School Programs

This is part of a series, "What has MoBikeFed done for you in 2010?"  Read the remaining articles here. 

This time of year many are asking--what have you been doing?  What have the Federation and the Foundation been doing?

We've put together a five-part report.  Here is part four--about some of the activities of the Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking so far this year:

Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking: Recent Activities Summary - continued
16 April 2010

Statewide Safe Routes to School

In 2010 the Foundation has the first-ever statewide grants given by MoDOT to work on statewide activities related to Safe Routes to School. The programs are designed to give communities, agencies, and individuals across Missouri the resources they need to create successful Safe Routes to School program in their own schools and communities, with the ultimate aim to greatly increase the amount of students bicycling and walking to school while simultaneously greatly increasing their safety, health, and fitness levels.

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MoDOT press release: Missouri Selected to Participate in Safe Routes to School State Network

MoDOT sent out the following press release today:  

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