Kansas MTB Trails Meeting, Possible 340-mile loop from KC area to Manhattan KS

Thank you all for attending the Kansas Trails Master Plan last night.
You were all extremely helpful at the meeting. Thanks to all the MO
folks who made the trek over as well. It may not have seemed like much,
but having Scott Capstack, Aaron Browning and Brian Robinson there
helped out tremendously.

After the meeting, I spoke with Sid. He was really impressed with the
mountain biking structure that we have all helped develop in this area.
He was really impressed with the Trail Watchers program, and the fact
that we had specific volunteer hours logged through the Trail Watchers program.

In addition, after the meeting I spoke with the Director of Johnson
County Parks and Recreation about connecting singletrack from somewhere
in Johnson County along the KS River to the Levee trails in Lawrence.
He was extremely enthusiastic about doing this. ERTA will begin working
closely with JCP&R; to create this ribbon of singletrack.

In addition, it's feasible that we could connect singletrack,
doubletrack, roads and levee trails to run a 340 mile loop (170 miles
each way) from Johnson County to Manhattan KS. We will begin to explore
the feasibility of this "master" plan with the Kansas Trails Council,
the Kansas Canoe Council, the State of Kansas, the Kansas Water
Conservation Department and the various cities and counties that the
Kansas River runs through. This is a pipe dream at the moment, but this
idea came from the meeting last night. We'll pursue this as well.

In addition, after the meeting, Sid indicated to me that there were
considerably more mountain bike singletrack trails than what will be
indicated in his study. His biggest challenge for recognizing these
trails was that there was no "official" group that would assume
responsibility for maintaining the trails. As such, he couldn't include
these trails in to the Kansas Master Plan under the guidelines that he
had established.

The example that Sid used was the river trails in Manhattan. He can't
recognize these trails in the Master Plan, because there wasn't any
group that would assume responsibility for the trails. I told him that
I would find people for those specific trails. Immediately, the patrol
branch in Manhattan and our good friend and underground dark side single
speed freak, Dan-O come to mind as groups or people who would be able to
help us get these mountain bike trails recognized.

There was more that went on, but this is the guts. Feel free to fill in
any gaps that I left out.

Thanks again for your support. BTW: I estimate that there were about
60 people at the meeting. 35-40 of them were mountain bikers. Thanks
again. You folks kick ass!

Ken Miner
KS IMBA Representative