MoBikeFed Annual Meeting, November 2002--Notes and Minutes

Missouri Bicycle Federation, Inc.
Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers
Minutes for Sunday, November 3, 2002

Attendance: Caryn Giarratano opened the meeting with 23 in attendance: Becky Beach, Morgan Bearden, Elaine Brady, Bill Carlson, Chip Cooper, Max Earl, Dick Elgin, Bob Foster, Caryn Giarratano, Jerry Giger, Greg Harris, Jeff Joiner, Dennis Knudson, Judy Knudson, Mike Murray, Randy Niere, Melanie Robinson, Rob Stitt, Larry Welty, Paul Wojciechowski, Tom Yarbrough, Allan Zafft and Robyn Zafft.

Due to Secretary Art Gough not being in attendance at the meeting, Caryn asked for a volunteer to take notes for this meeting. Paul Wojciechowski volunteered.

Correspondence: Caryn announced that the back table was covered with flyers, handouts and materials that were available for participants to take home.

Minutes: It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the November 4, 2001 Annual Business meeting as printed.

Treasurer's Report: Caryn reported that there is $2556.66 in the checking account.

New Business:

Mike Brady Bill by Elaine Brady

Caryn introduced Elaine and provided a brief history of Mike Brady (her husband) who was hit and killed by a motorist while he was riding in the Bike Across Missouri bike race.

Elaine described the problems with traffic laws associated with tragic events like the accident in which her husband was involved. What can be changed? Past driving history must be a part of a case against offenders. As long as an offender doesn't commit an offense during probation (two years), it cannot be used in a separate case. She has taken action through attorney Tim Harlin to find ways to change the current laws. With guns, past offenses are admissible but cars are a different story. Laws throughout the country are very lax on consequences of inappropriate or irresponsible actions. There have been some improvements to traffic laws: the level for intoxication has been lowered to .08 and people involved in a fatal car crash are tested for drugs and alcohol.

She wishes to encourage state reps and senators to introduce legislation for permission to introduce past driving history in traffic accident cases. Elaine stated there is no model legislation language. Caryn thought that an outline would be good for approaching legislators.

MBF can work on legislation itself without the benefit of legislators. Caryn will put out the question on the list serve she is on as the MoDOT bike coordinator, to solicit ideas for legislation.

Larry Welty spoke on the MoDOT Share the Road policy

Larry outlined signing that was available and the uses of these signs. He al so provided a detailed handout of the MoDOT "Share the Road" policy. MoDOT approved the "Share the Road" policy this year, which was attached to the handout. An advocacy group or entity must make a request for "Share the Road" signs. St. Louis has taken great strides, but other areas of the state are a concern due to the attitude that these signs may encourage use on roads that are not safe for all bike users. He suggested that the information in the handout be used to support the use of signs in the state.

Caryn addressed the MoDOT policy and practices changes she has inspired or would like to inspire regarding grates, rumblestrips and bridge access.

Caryn stated that she has received indication of MoDOT's committment to bike-safe grates on roadways. She showed the standard plans for MoDOT's grates. Caryn is rewriting sections on grates in the Project Development Manual (PDM) and standard plans. One concern about the policy language is that is says that grates are required only on roads where bicyclists are expected, which is too vague. She wishes to delete grate choices from the standard plans and PDM that are unsafe for bicyclists.

Bike accommodations on the Missouri River Bridge in Jefferson City:

The restriping of the northbound bridge is planned to allow a three foot wide inside shoulder and seven foot wide outside shoulder with curved vane grates and "Share the Road" signs.

Providing bp accommodations for the southbound bridge is much tougher. A cost estimate for a cantilever bike/ped bridge attachment is needed since there is no room on the bridge deck to allow for restriping. Enhancement funds will be used 80% federal/20% non-federalwith about one million needed for the local match. But an accurate cost is needed. MoDOT has done a feasibility study and is doing the detailed estimate through the(Bridge Division.

Rumble Strips:

Caryn wants to change the MoDOT policy to have the rumble strip right on the edge line and a six inch to one foot wide rumble strip. The goal is to identify an treatment that works for both cars and bikes for a win/win situation.

Paul Wojciewoski from Parsons Brinckerhoff spoke on Bicycle Facilities.

Paul's presentation covered planning to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians on roadways and stressed the need to aim for a win/win situation for all road users.

Allan Zafft from MoDOT spoke on TEA - 21.

Allan provided a brief overview of the enhancement program overseen by MoDOT in the state. Key elements of the presentation included general enhancement program process and definition of bike projects that are eligible.

Bob Foster spoke on America Bikes

Identify projects in your area to get them going.

Caryn touched on Bicycle Level of Service and then explained her vision for National Bike Routes across MO.

BLOS: The bicycle level of service describes the type of facility that is provided for bicyclists: shared lane, bike lane, shoulder or separate path.

Bike interstates: Caryn would like three north/south roadways and three east/west roadways identified to form a bike transportation grid that crosses our state and connects to other states. Then additional roadways will be identified to connect cities to allow bicyclists to get where they want to go. The end result will be a State Bike Map. Three national bike routes cross Missouri: the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Mississippi River Trail (over 10 states) and the TransAmerica Trail.

Caryn asked for volunteers to assist MoDOT district personnel determine which
roads should be identified as bike interstates.

MBF Interstate Committee per MoDOT District: (we need each district
District 1 -
District 2 - Tom Zoumaras, Terry Sandwith
District 3 -
District 4 - Rob Stitt, Randy Niere
District 5 - Chip Cooper, Jeff Joiner, Mary Sloan, Joe Silsby
District 6 - Bob Foster, Bill Carlson, Tom Yarbrough
District 7 -
District 8 -
District 9 - Morgan Bearden, Greg Harris
District 10 -

Election of Officers:

The four elected positions were filled.. Chair - Bob Foster, St. Louis; Vice-Chair - Paul Wojciechowski, St. Louis; Secretary - Jeff Joiner, Jefferson City; and Treasurer - Mike Murray, St. Louis.

Appointment of rest of Board of Directors:

Morgan Bearden volunteered to take over the Motorist Contact Program. Brent Hugh was appointed to be the MBF webmaster and Email News. Jeff Joiner volunteered to be the Newsletter Editor. Caryn was appointed as the MoDOT Liason. It was recommended by Caryn that the Board appoint a Legislative Liason to lead the pursuit of the Mike Brady Bill. Bob Watts will serve on the Board as the Past Chair.

The Annual Business Meeting was adjourned at 4 pm.