Important MBF Meeting Sunday, Nov. 3rd, 2002

Greetings Bike Advocates!

It is time for bicyclists to unite!!!

Please join us on Sunday, November 3, 2002, and encourage all other bicycle

enthusiasts to also join us (bike shop personnel, racers, bike club

members, bike facility planners, mountain bike riders, legislators, etc.)

Where: Viewpoint Conference Room (by cafeteria) at Capital Region Medical

Center, Southwest Boulevard, Jefferson City, MO.

Directions: From Jefferson City, take Hwy 54 west (towards Eldon) to the

Ellis/Southwest Blvd exit. Go north (right) on Southwest Blvd for ten

blocks. Turn left into the hospital parking lot and keep going the same

direction to the last lot. Go in the double doors by the circle drive.

Fun first!!!

10 am - Bicycle ride sponsored by Caryn Giarratano. Meet in the hospital

parking lot to ride the 20-mile loop called the JC Loop. Drawn to scale

route maps will be available. Lunch will be on your own, but carpooling to

restaurants will be available.

Business later...

Missouri Bicycle Federation Annual Meeting Agenda

Sunday, November 3, 2002, 1-4 pm

  • Introductions and Welcome - Caryn Giarratano
  • Request for a substitute secretary due to the absence of Art Gough
  • Correspondence report -Caryn Giarratano
  • Approval of the last year's annual minutes as printed
  • Treasurer's Report - Caryn Giarratano
  • Old Business - Caryn Giarratano

  • New Business:

    Mike Brady Bill - Elaine Brady

    Elaine's husband, Mike Brady, was killed in 2000 while racing in Bicycle

    Across Missouri (BAM) by a motorist who ran off the road and hit Mike from

    behind. Elaine is seeking assistance in changing our current law to allow a

    person's past driving history to be entered as evidence during any current

    violation proceedings.

    Share the Road - Larry Welty

    Larry is a licensed professional engineer who has been employed by MoDOT

    for 18 years as a construction inspector, a highway designer and a planner.

    An avid bicyclist, he has pushed for consideration of pedestrians and

    bicyclists in MoDOT projects and operations. He is an original member of

    East-West Gateway Coordinating Council's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory

    Committee and served as MoDOT's Interim Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

    from August 2001 to June 2002. As part of his current responsibilities, he

    reviews federally funded, local bicycle projects in District 6.

    Storm Grates and Rumble Strips - Caryn Giarratano

    Caryn is an avid cyclist and bicycle advocate. She was a co-founder of the

    Missouri Bicycle Federation in 1993, was its first Chair and helped to lead

    the push to repeal the state mandatory sidepath law in 1995. She was hired

    by MoDOT on July 1 as the State Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator.

    Bicycle Facilities - Paul Wojciechowski

    TEA-3 - Hope Visconti

    Hope is a professional urban planner who is new to the world of bicycling

    advocacy. Her current position as an intermediate transportation planner

    with MoDOT allows her ongoing contact with several policy makers in the

    Kansas City, Missouri Region. She currently serves on the Mid-America

    Regional Council's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and several

    steering committees for individual on-street and off-street bicycle

    projects. Her current responsibilities include reviewing plans and

    programs for several federally funded local projects; including, aesthetic

    enhancements, historic restoration, air quality improvement and bicycle and

    pedestrian projects.

    America Bikes - Bob Foster

    Bob has been commuting to work by bike for nine years. He is an avid long

    distance cyclist-including a 26-hour crossing of Missouri in the 1999 BAM

    and a 23-hour triple century in 2000. He is the founder and current Chair

    of the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation.

    Bicycle Level of Service and National Bike Routes across MO

    Election of Officers to assume duties on January 1, 2003: Chair,

    Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer with the appointment by the new board of

    three more who usually serve as Legislative Liason, MoDOT Liason and

    Editor. Caryn is not allowed to assume a leadership role with MBF due to a

    conflict with her new job.

    Area Reports from attendees

Contact Information: Missouri Bicycle Federation, Inc., POB 104871,

Jefferson City, MO 65110-4871

Background: MBF is a statewide, not-for-profit, membership organization

that advocates advancement of bicycling access, safety and education in

Missouri. It was founded by Caryn Giarratano (the first Chair) and Mike

Hoeferkamp (the first Treasurer) in 1993, and incorporated in the state of

Missouri on

November 17, 1994. The annual business meeting and election of officers is

the first Sunday in November.

Mission: The mission of the Missouri Bicycle Federation is to provide an

advocacy platform to protect the rights and interests of bicyclists and to

make Missouri a better place to ride a bicycle through the advancement of

bicycle access, safety and education.

Goals: Obtain funding to meet goals; Coordinate efforts among constituents;

Communicate with other state groups; Educate the public on benefits of our

sport in the areas of health, social and environment; Lobby for legislative

issues on behalf of bicyclists; Promote safety regarding sharing the road,

wearing helmets and following the rules of the road; Establish bicycling as

a recognized form of transportation, as well as recreation; Facilitate the

use of state and federal funds to meet our goals; and Disseminate

information about constituents' major events in the state.

Accomplishments: Wrote and passed legislation that repealed the mandatory

sidepath law and defeated its reinstatement in 1998; Defeated a bill that

would have required all bicyclists to ride on the left side of the road,

facing traffic; Defeated legislation that would have required bicyclists to

ride single file; Worked with the MoDOT to change its policy on shoulder

rumble strips to allow bicyclists some smooth shoulder; and Worked with

Amtrak in 1997 to allow unboxed bicycles to be rolled aboard.

Membership Application (send the following information to MBF): Name,

Address, City, State, Zip, Home #, Work #, Email address, Name of

organization, Organization website, email and address.

Minimum donations for dues: $15 for individual membership; $30 for club

affiliation; $50 for business membership.

Membership Benefits: Framework to provide a united voice on issues of

interest to bicyclists in the state; Quarterly newsletter, email newsletter

and/or legislative updates; Liason with MoDOT and the Legislature; Motorist

Contact Program (upon contacting MBF to report the license tag number of a

unsafe motorist, a letter including the law regarding bikes will be sent

to the motorist); and Provision of names of contact people on various