Learning from Omaha?

Maybe Missouri governments have something to learn from the Omaha Parks and Recreation Department. According to a recent Omaha World Herald story:

Omaha's Parks and Recreation Department pulled in a record $34.7 million this year from outside endowments, grants and foundations.

That is more than what the Kansas City, St. Louis and Lincoln departments combined to draw during a comparable time period.

Those who work with the Omaha Parks Department said the city's success comes from aggressive pursuit of funds, meticulous planning and a record of making good on its promises. . . .

Lyn Wallin Ziegenbein, the Peter Kiewit Foundation's executive director, said the Omaha Parks Department's professionalism is the main reason her organization keeps answering the city's call.

"We find them effective, responsive, accurate, thorough and timely," she said. "That's not always how it works with different groups, but the City Parks Department is like that every single time."