Please participate in important cycling survey

This came from the Thunderhead Alliance, a national federation of bike advocacy groups, and is very important.

Please take a minute to complete the 2nd Annual Bicycling Magazine survey on voting, bicycling usage, and demographic information. Go to and on the right-hand side, in the middle of the column, you'll find the "Take our Political Survey and Sound Off" link.

This survey is really important. We're going to use the data collected as part of the National Bike Summit on March 5-7. The data collected in the survey quantifies bicyclists as voters, tax payers, and users of roadways who want federal funding to continue for bike lanes, bike trails, and better education for both bicyclists and motorists. Last year, nearly 1800 people took the survey. This year, we want to hit DC with responses from 5000 cyclists across America.

Our message to Congress, delivered in person through hundreds of meetings at the National Bike Summit with every member of Congress, and backed up with the survey data in hand, is that cyclists are a huge constituency of voters who spend our incomes to use bicycles for transportation, recreation, and sport. We want continued federal funding for bicycle facilities (more than $2 billion since 1991), routine accommodation (safe bike access on any roads or bridges built), and Safe Routes to School programs (so our children grow up riding bicycles). As voters, taxpayers, and small business owners, we demand no less.

Please take a minute to complete the survey so we'll have powerful data for the National Bike Summit. I'd also like to thank our friends at Bicycling magzine for hosting this important survey.

And if you haven't endorsed the America Bikes agenda ( please do this as well. These are two easy ways for you to speak out about your passion for bicycling. Thanks!

Gary Sjoquist
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