Two bicycle-related letters in St. Louis

Louise McKeon Belt of Wildwood had a letter in today's St. Louis-area suburban journals. Excerpts:
[Are we ready for problems caused by oil production shortfalls?]

Probably not. U.S. Census data tells us that in St. Louis County, where 6,231 people walk to work and 8,624 use transit, only 481 people bike to work. Why not more cyclists? There are lots of people who are ready, they've been riding stationary bikes and walking treadmills in their homes, and riding around their subdivision streets.

Fear that they're not supposed to be on the main roads? Silly fear. Our roads are safer for cyclists than they've ever been. The drivers' license booklet explains to new drivers the rules for cyclists, who have every vehicular right in Missouri to be on the road (but not on the interstate). Many recently upgraded roads have wider right lanes. . . .

John Droste of St. Charles wrote a letter to the St. Charles Post in regard to the recent hit-and-run accident involving cyclist Valerie Schremp:
I feel Ms. Meyer's pain. On Feb. 11, 2001, I was also involved in a hit-and-run accident of Fox Hill Road. My accident yielded the same result. The man who inflicted so much pain also could not be found.

Our accidents have several similarities. I was also hit from the rear, I also landed in a ditch, and most importantly, I was assisted by a passer-by. If not for a caring passer-by, I would not be writing this letter. . . .

Ms. Schremp states that the road is for bikes and motorists alike. Although this is true, both cyclists and motorists must practice patience. My accident was very painful. One can still see the physical scars. My wish for the upcoming riding season is for Ms. Meyer's full recovery and may all of us be kind and courteous.