US Bank allows bicyclists to use drive-through

There has been some recent discussion in the St. Louis BikeFed email list about businesses that do not allow bicyclists to use the drive-up window. Sometimes this creates a real problem for those who use bicycles as their transportation, because the businesses often to do not provide bike parking or allow bicycles to be brought inside.

Bob Foster, MoBikeFed Chair, wrote this today:
Just got off the phone with the [U.S. Bank] Branch Manager, who is very nice and genuinely concerned about cars that scream thru the parking lot and the attendant risk to cyclists.

However, she checked with national headquarters, which checked with the insurance carrier, and there is NO POLICY AGAINST BICYCLISTS USING THE DRIVE THROUGH AT US BANK. She'll send a note to that effect, but U.S. Bank joins Commerce in allowing bikes to drive through. Customers who bike up to the teller will be greeted with a "how may I help you?" instead of "move it buster!"

In addition, Lion's Choice restaurants has a policy of allowing bikes it its drive-through (Thanks Jim Tobias!)

Anyone who wants to send a letter to a retailer is welcome to adapt the letter we sent to USB.