BIcycling and weight control

The Cycling Performance Tips web site has an interesting article on Bicycling and Weight Control:
There is an epidemic of obesity in countries such as the US and western Europe, with current statistics indicating that more than 50% of American adults are either overweight or obese. . . .

It appears that reduced physical activity, rather than increased food intake, is the major culprit. And the difference is about 300 Calories a day, which could be offset by an hour of easy cycling per day.

The National Weight Control Registry is an 8 year old project that has studied weight loss in 3500 extremely obese patients who lost (and maintained the loss) of an average of 60+ pounds. The common factor?? A high level of physical activity with an average weekly expenditure of 2545 exercise Calories in women and 3293 Calories in men (equal to an hour of moderate physical activity per day) coupled with an estimated intake of 1500 Calories per day. . . . Most had failed to maintain their weight loss with other weight loss regimens, and almost universally attributed the success in this program to the sustained increase in their weekly level of physical activity.