KCStar story on mountain biking in Kansas City

This weekend's Kansas City Star had a major story on mountain biking in the KC metro area, featuring interviews and comments from several members of EarthRiders.
[T]o Sean Cairns of Lenexa, this is mountain-biking heaven.

“You've got 120 miles of trail within an hour of downtown,” Cairns said recently after a ride at the Blue River trail. “I've had people who've just moved here come with me (to Blue River) and we'll go out and ride 12 miles, and I'll tell them there are more here. . . .

And for mountain bikers, there never are enough trails. That's why Cairns, Mason and the Earth Riders help build and maintain trails throughout the area.

“You can ride pretty much year-round around here, but a lot of the times in the winter, we'll not ride just so we can go out and build more trail or repair,” said Gary Baack of Olathe. “But most of it's building. If you build it right, you don't have to fix it, you've just got to mow it every once in a while.”