Rate your local mountain biking trails

As students head back to school, mountain bikers are issuing final grades
for the 2003 IMBA Report Card. The Report Card provides an annual analysis
of mountain bike access and advocacy progress for U.S. states, Canadian
provinces and other countries.

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In addition to a letter grade, each area's trail riding opportunities and
threats are summarized. Grades are based on a number of factors: singletrack
access, land manager attitudes, relations with other trail user groups and
the long-term outlook for mountain biking.

"IMBA is celebrating its 15th birthday this year," said IMBA executive
director Tim Blumenthal. "In many cities and states, trail access is 15
times better than it was when we started. But in other places, gains have
been slow. The IMBA Report Card helps us focus on these locations."

This marks the fourth year of the IMBA Report Card. Colorado earned the top
grade in 2002 thanks to almost limitless singletrack, scenic mountains and
the availability of great maps. Idaho ranked highest in 2000 and 2001.

Online voting is combined with input from IMBA staff, reps and local club
leaders to determine final grades. Mountain bikers are invited to grade
their home area on IMBA's website during August and September.

At the end of the polling period, IMBA will tally the results and provide a
detailed analysis in a special edition of IMBA Trail News.

Ken Miner of EarthRiders adds these thoughts:
1. Mark and Lora Schmidt (IMBA TCC) thought we understated our grade in the area, especially KS. They pointed out that we did in fact, have a great trails network in KS. The trails were located where most of the population was located. As such, the trail system was great for the population base.

2. IMBA considers the KC metro area as Missouri. The state of Missouri received a B+ last time, but it probably deserves a least an A, based on the work of mountain bikers in Springfield, Jeff City and St. Louis in conjunction with our efforts in the KC (including Crowder and St. Joe) area.

So, get out and vote. Be honest in your assessment of our state trail systems, but be fair. We have some of the best trail systems in the country, and we should let people know about them.