Missouri Bicycle Federation Board Meeting February 1st

Place: Panera Bread on Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City (directions below)
Date: February 1, 2004
Time: 1 P.M.

1. Minutes of previous meeting (5 min)
2. Follow-up on previous action items (5 min)
3. Membership (20 min)
Membership drive
Possible fund-raising activities

4. MBF's bank account (Paul) (5 min)
5. Legislation (20 min)
Legislative report (Mike)
Support from other groups

6. MoDOT director/commissioners campaign (10 min)
7. Ohio Bicycle Federation's Cyclist-Friendly community program (5 min)
8. TEA reauthorization (10 min)
9. Rumble strips (10 min)
10. Bike conferences (10 min)
11. Bridges (5 min)
12. MBF's future--what's you're vision of it? (15 min)
13. Discussion/other issues (15 min)
Directions: From the intersection of Highways 50, 63 and 54 in Jefferson City, go west on Missouri Boulevard. Pass KMart on the right and park in the Panera Bread parking lot on the right side (between KMart and Big O Tire, across the street from Hastings). The restaurant is just east of the intersection of Stadium and Missouri Blvd. 2226 Missouri Blvd, 573-893-7656.