MBF campaign for bike/ped awareness in new MoDOT leaders hits the KCStar

Today an article by MoBikeFed Chair Brent Hugh was in the Kansas City Star. This article is part of MoBikeFed's campaign to make knowledge of and support of transportation alternatives part of the job descriptions of the new MoDOT leadership:
In most Missouri cities, MoDOT roads are both the most important commercial centers and also the most pedestrian and bicycle unfriendly roads in the city. MoDOT policies and procedures have a strong influence on the transportation policies and practices of all Missouri counties, cities and towns.

For this reason, MoDOT leaders must fully support the creation of a true multimodal transportation system. The director and commissioners must be interested in and knowledgeable about the big factors that influence transportation planning such as sprawl, smart growth, public health, connectivity and transportation choice.

And at least one member of the Highways and Transportation Commission should be a representative of the community of transportation alternatives ? someone very knowledgeable about pedestrian, bicycling and transit issues. These issues are vital for Missouri's future and someone needs to speak for them at the highest levels of statewide transportation planning and policy.
What can you do?
Clip or print this article from the Star and send it, along with a brief personal note saying that you support the idea, to:
Missouri Governor Bob Holden
Missouri Capitol Building, Room 216
PO Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0720
Telephone: (573) 751-3222
FAX: (573) 751-1495
Email: mogov@mail.state.mo.us
Governor Holden will appoint the two new MHTC members.

James B. Anderson, Chair of Director Search Committee
Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission
POB 1687
202 S John Q Hammons Parkway
Springfield, MO 65806
MoDOT's email submission form
When emailing comments, include a note that they are "ATTN: MoDOT Director Search Committee"

Missouri Legislative Leaders
Rep. Larry Crawford, Chair of House Transportation Committee
Senator Jon Dolan, Chair of Senate Transportation Committee
Transportation committee chairs are influential in setting transportation policy; the Senate must approve the governor's MHTC appointments.
Full text of the KCStar article can be found here.

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