Jackson County Parks recognizes pair for mountain bike trail work

Congratulations to Scott Capstack and Michael Cleveland!!

At the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department's annual Volunteer Awards Banquet Thursday evening, they received the "Sports Service Award" for their dedication and effort for working on the trails at Landahl Park Reserve and Blue River Parkway.

Congratulations to a couple folks who certainly deserve the recognition!!

When most people show up to hike or ride on the beautiful trails in parks such as Landahl Park Reserve or Blue River Parkway, they rarely think about the effort that has gone into those trails. Every year, there have been great improvements in these trail systems-which are now receiving recognition in national mountain biking magazines. These improvements are the result of hours upon hours of hard work by dedicated volunteers who work year around on the trails.

Scott Capstack and Michael Cleveland work tirelessly on these trails, never letting sub-freezing conditions or blistering heat slow them down. In addition to working on the trails, Scott has drawn up detailed maps of the trails at Landahl Park Reserve and was instrumental in developing a "master plan" for trail development in the park. His vision, dedication, and endless labor has resulted in trails that are truly gems in the county's park system.

Michael has been the Missouri representative for the International Mountain Biking Association, a group that works hard to build solid, long-lasting, sustainable trails. Through his involvement in the mountain biking community, he has helped recruit several other volunteers to work the trails at Blue River Parkway and has used his skills to help build some of the most exciting and scenic trails in the region. These trails, winding through the hills that over look the Blue River valley, offer vistas that are truly awe inspiring.

Scott and Michael are invaluable assets to the Trail Watchers program, their tremendous effort over the past several years has resulted in significant improvements that are enjoyed on a daily basis by the residents of and visitors to Jackson County. Without their dedication and skill, many of these improvements would not have been possible.

Their efforts are exemplary and truly deserve praise and recognition.
[Posted to the Mid-America-MTB list by Rob Stitt.]

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